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Peak Social Media, an affiliate of Flatout Branding, who works specifically with automotive centers, like Napa Auto Parts, wanted to expand their services to include social media marketing. The goal was to design and develop a one page marketing website to help market the new service.


The only established branding element was the logo. There wasn't a brand guide created, so whatever elements I was creating for the website became part of the brand elements. The other challenge was a small startup budget, so I needed to work quickly and efficiently.


I jumped straight into hi-fidelity designs in figma, skipping wireframes, since the budget was a concern. Since the target was specifically automotive shops, I searched images that reflected that. People are drawn to human faces, so I looked for a mechanic who  represents the key demographic we are targeting. I added the bar graph behind the mechanic cutout to pull in a graphic from the logo. I worked with stakeholders and editorial on marketing content needed.

I originally planned to have navigation, to scroll down the page, but there really wasn't that much content on the site. In the end, I decided to remove that navigation in favor of just scrolling... it was really only 2-3 scrolls to the call to action form.  

I used an illustration, for How it works, to represent a social media post, and representing which platforms you can choose to post too. The garage door background adds to the automotive theme vs just having a white background.

Made a clear contrast of the two available package options, using white and blue, and then making those pop against the dark neutral background. I thought the closeup engine background image was a nice touch, again emphasizing the auto mechanic shop theme.


The client was really happy with how the site turned out. Choosing to make a one page website in Webflow, a no-code solution, helped speed up development time, and meet the deadline and budget.

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