Pioneer Encirca Mobile App

Overview & Challenge

The primary objective of the app was for farmers to manage their farming operation by keeping  track of all the layer data, yields, crops/seed types planted for any specific year to build a history, and assist Pioneer Seed Representatives sell the most appropriate product to farmers based on current and past field data. Secondarily, farmers could order their annual Pocket Notebook from Pioneer directly through the app.  

Unfortunately, farmers weren’t using their app, as it was too complex—trying to do too much. So we set out to reimagine the app by simplifying it and implementing only what farmers found valuable.

UX Research

Pioneer conducted UX research from their seed reps and users, so we utilized that information in our decision-making for the user interface redesign.

Original Dashboard
New Design


I created a document that outlined all the screens, defined user interactions, and established naming conventions. Then, I began creating wireframes based on user flow document. We used Invision to create a prototype and went through several rounds of usability testing before moving on to the final design phase. Getting early feedback was invaluable in making quick design iterations. This process facilitated a lot of feedback, which led to rethinking of naming conventions and other user functionality.

Farm Field Map View (Search)
Add Field Form and Create Field Boundary
Filter Dropdowns: Choose Operation, Farm, and Field. Select a field on the map, or under fields tab to view and edit information
Field Layers Tab Data
Manage Inputs Screen - Search, Filter, Edit and Delete Inputs
Reports > Pocket Notebooks — Order Printed Notebook that contain all Field Data for all your Farm Operations

Final Designs & Results

Below is a sample of the final screens we delivered to the Pioneer development team. I also provided their team final graphic assets, and a style guide for fonts, colors, and image sizing. After the handoff to the development team, we weren’t involved in any usability testing during development or post-launch—implemented by the in-house product team. It was a great experience to work with the Pioneer team. Even though I wasn’t involved in the final product development and deployment, I thought our role went well, and the client was thrilled with the results.

Search: Once Operation is selected, the green bar appears to then select Farm and Field
Add Field — Create Field Boundary and field information
Field — Seed and Layer tabs. Drag and drop Seed(s) on to Field
Field —Layers Tab
Manage Inputs — lists the seed product types planted. These will show up under the Seeds Tab on the Field screen
Manage Inputs — Add Input

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